We have received many requests for information. on the culture and heritage of the Gubbi Gubbi people. While there is comprehensive detailed material available, it is hard to find and the variety of sources make discovery of authentic information difficult. It was felt that a basic level of information would create a starting point for gaining  better insight into the lives of the Gubbi Gubbi people as they walked these lands and then came into contact with Europeans and South Sea Islanders.

The book is available for $US4:50 per copy. 

The book may be modified, in consultation with the author simply email     gubbigubbibook@gmail.com

In addition the author is willing to offer special discounts to schools and other volume purchases. 

We are pleased to announce the release of a book that introduces Gubbi Gubbi culture and heritage. This is our first venture into this realm and we would welcome your feedback, using the email addresses on this page and, of course, your support to purchase a copy.
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An authentic view of the Gubbi Gubbi people of Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Burnett Mary Regions.
Gubbi Gubbi
The Book

Gubbi Gubbi
Traditional Owners from the Dawn of Time
Cover design based on Scribbly Gum Tree