This site has been developed to represent the Traditional Owners. Our interest is to bring understanding and support for the Gubbi Gubbi Traditional Owners. It is apparent, in many Indigenous Communities, that there is a range of positions.

The one true fact is the Gubbi Gubbi people are the Federal Court agreed Traditional Owners. For others to claim otherwise is a fraud, unless the Federal Court determines otherwise. The Federal Court has already rejected claims (as mentioned) for the Undumbi and those who call themselves Kabi Kabi.

While others claim this is not correct no other claims have been approved by the Federal Court. Some argue that they do not recognise European Law (one wonders, then why Indigenous people are in Universities graduating in Law if this is a common view). However there is a yardstick, delivered with due consideration by the Federal Court, - 

Gubbi Gubbi are the Traditional Owners.

“The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act recognises the last registered native title claim as the Aboriginal party for cultural heritage purposes (see Part 4 of the Act). Even if a claim is discontinued or withdrawn after it has been registered, the claim group will remain the Aboriginal party for the purposes of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act until such time as a new claim is registered.

This principle is often referred to as “the last claim standing”. Since the last registered claim for the Sunshine Coast region is the Gubbi Gubbi People #2 claim, they are the statutory Aboriginal party in accordance with Queensland’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.

To date, no other group has been able to pass the registration test (which is a federal process under the National Native Title Tribunal) for a native title claim on the Sunshine Coast. Consequently, while it is true that Gubbi Gubbi do not have a current native title claim (because it has been withdrawn), they are nonetheless recognised as the relevant Aboriginal party for the purposes of complying with Queensland’s cultural heritage legislation. "


The mention of people on this site does not dispute their family or history, simply their right to claim traditionality under Culture and Heritage laws or to take government funding for activities that do not have traditional owners agreement within the Gubbi Gubbi area. For example those people who took Queensland Government money to build the Traveston Dam despite the significance of the Mary River and Lungfish to Gubbi Gubbi Heritage or for creating language guides with no Gubbi Gubbi language experience.

The Gubbi Gubbi people and their history is based on respect. In this regard they should be talking with each other rather than attacking each other. The number of Gubbi Gubbi has fallen from its pre-European times from 3,500 to about 500 today. This site takes the view that the traditional owners are those designated by the Federal Court. The Gubbi Gubbi take the view that if ancestory can be proven then that person will be accepted. They are totally willing to work with historical people as well as non Indigenous people for the betterment of the Traditional Owners. The issue is those that see other goals and rewards who lose their respect and ideals of their Indigenous culture and heritgae.

If you are not sure of how to work with Indigenous people then go to the site below and down load their booklet for guidance:

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Please feel free to share or use the documents without reference to Gubbi Gubbi Traditional Owners. They have been prepared to share some of our culture with you and our issues. We welcome your feedback.

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An authentic view of the Gubbi Gubbi people of Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Burnett Mary Regions.
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